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Chamonix Valley Transfers (CVT)

By travelling with Chamonix Valley Transfers you are in acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for Airport Transfers of SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers below.

The English version of the T's & C's is provided for your information. The legally binding terms and conditions is the French version


1.1. “SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers refers to the Society with Limited Responsibility (Société à Responsabilité Limitée), registered at 44a Chemin du Lai, Chamonix, 74400, France, registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Annecy, SIRET 539 875 385 000 12 (TVA: FR95539875385).

1.2. “Client” refers to a natural or legal person who buys a transport ticket through SARL CVT

1.3. “Group” refers to all those people travelling under one and the same booking. 

1.4. “Passenger/s” refers to any person who made a reservation and is actually travelling. 

1.5. "Operator" refers to the transport section of SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers or a third party or agents of SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers.

General Information

These conditions are intended to detail for Clients the Terms and Conditions which apply to transport tickets from SARL CVT as well as the conditions of execution of the corresponding transport services.  

They apply to all purchases of transport tickets made through SARL CVT, either by internet, telephone or in the shop. 

In the event that the transfer is provided by a third party on behalf of SARL CVT, the Client will receive the separate conditions of carriage of that company, which will apply. 

Description of Service

SARL CVT provides Clients with a shuttle transport service, mainly between Geneva airport and the Chamonix valley. 

Other destinations can be offered on request from Clients: e.g. Milan, Lyon, etc. 

The Client, having taken note of the rates in force on the planned date of travel, as well as these Terms and Conditions, has the possibility to book this service. 


The Client must buy a ticket 15 minutes before the start of the transfer, subject to availability. 

The Client must provide:
* The exact address of pick-up
* The destination
* The date and time of his/her flight
* The number of passengers

In case of a change of address for pick-up and/or drop-off, this must be communicated to SARL CVT 48 hours before the time of the originally scheduled pick-up time. 

SARL CVT reserves the right to charge an amendment fee of 20 euros. 

The Client must make every effort to provide accurate information at all stages of the order. 

Once the choice is made and having reviewed these Terms and Conditions, the Client will proceed to payment. 

An acknowledgement of receipt, showing all the elements of the Order, will then be sent to the Client. 

This acknowledgement will include a booking number, which the Client may be required to give to the driver on the day of the transfer. 

A text message confirming the departure time of the transfer will be sent to the Client, the evening before the transfer, at 6pm. 

Financial conditions

Rates are quoted in euros includes all taxes (TTC).
They are subject to change at any time by SARL CVT.
The rate applied to a given order is the one which is in force at the time of ordering. 

Cancellation and refunds

The purchase is final after payment has been made by the Client. 

Bookings of “standard shared transfers” are non-refundable. 

Booking of “Private transfers", "VIP transfers” and “premium shared transfers” are refundable in part:

* 80% if a written cancellation is sent to the office of SARL CVT more than 21 days before the scheduled date of the transfer. The time will be counted from the date that the letter is received by SARL CVT. In that event, 20% of the booking amount will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, as well as 20 euros admin and bank charges.

* 50% if a written cancellation is sent to the office of SARL CVT between 7 and 21 days before the scheduled date of the transfer. The time will be counted from the date that the letter is received by SARL CVT. In that event, 50% of the booking amount will be deducted from the amount to be refunded, as well as 20 euros admin and bank charges.

* Any cancellation made less than 7 days before the transfer is non-refundable.

Upon request from the Client, SARL CVT can provide a letter which states the cancellation fees paid. 

In case of loss and/or failure to use the ticket/s ordered on their scheduled date, the ticket/s shall not be exchanged or refunded. 

Conditions of carriage

CVT SARL reserves the right to use another transfer company in order to carry out the service. 

Validity of transport tickets: each ticket and/or booking number is valid only for the date, time and route mentioned. It cannot be accepted on a date or for a different route than those reserved. 

Inspection: the identity, tickets and/or booking number must be given to the driver when boarding the vehicle. 

The driver is authorised to refuse access to anyone who is not able to justify a reservation. 


SARL CVT is duly insured for the journeys undertaken in its vehicles, with Compagnie AXA. 

Passenger behaviour

The passenger undertakes to abstain from any behaviour which may compromise his/her security, that of other passengers, and/or their comfort. 

Notably, passengers are forbidden to:

Smoke in the vehicles
Eat in the vehicles
Consume alcohol
Hinder the driver
Damage the vehicles

These behaviours are the responsibility of the passenger and will require him/her to pay damages to SARL CVT. 

In any event, SARL CVT cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by the conduct of some passengers or for damages caused to other passengers. 


All passengers without exception must clearly label all their luggage with the owners’ name, destination address and home address. 

All passengers are limited to TWO items of luggage only on all transfers. 

SARL CVT does not accept to transport luggage whose value is above 800 euros. 

“Over-sized” baggage e.g. a pair of skis or a snowboard, a bike (in a suitable carrying bag), bag of golf clubs, parapente wing etc. may be authorised, subject to being clearly stated at the moment of booking and provided that there is space available in the vehicle. 

In any event, oversized baggage will be considered as one of the two items of luggage authorised and mentioned above. 

Packages of materials which are dangerous, flammable or likely to inconvenience other passengers or harm their safety cannot be accepted. 

Loss or damage to luggage

Luggage remains under the sole responsibility of the passenger. 

It is up to the passenger to ensure, upon leaving the vehicle, that he does not forget any of his belongings or luggage. 

SARL CVT cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to baggage or personal belongings left or forgotten in the vehicle. 

Only where fault is duly proven can SARL CVT be held liable. 

SARL CVT will only compensate for damage for which it is being held responsible if the amount of the damage is reasonably justified; in the absence of proof, the lump sum payable shall be the sum of 300 euros per passenger and compensation paid shall, in any event, be limited to the sum of 800€.

“Over-sized” baggage

All “over-sized” baggage should be declared at the time of booking. 

SARL CVT reserves the right to charge for additional luggage, equivalent to the price of  a place in the vehicle, if the luggage has not been duly declared in advance. 

Payment should be made, by bank card, before any loading of luggage into the vehicle. 

Bank card details will be sent to SARL CVT, who will then send a receipt by email.  

In the event that this type of luggage has not been declared at the time of booking, SARL CVT can refuse to transport it if there is not enough available space in the vehicle. 

It is then up to the passenger to organise transport for this luggage him/herself. 

In any case, SARL CVT cannot be held responsible for delays or damages caused by the delivery of this baggage. 

Transport of children

Any person aged under 18 years is considered to be a child. 

It is compulsory to reserve a seat for all children and babies, regardless of age. Each child must travel in their own seat. 

European legislation requires every child less than 1.35m tall to travel in an appropriate booster seat. 

It is the responsibility of the Client and/or passengers to have appropriate booster seats for their children. 

If the Client or passenger does not have an appropriate child seat, SARL CVT will refuse to transport the child and one of his/her companions. 

In this event, no requests for refunds or compensation will be granted. 

Under certain conditions, SARL CVT may provide, free of charge, booster seats conforming to E/CE R44/04 standard. 
• If the Clients request them at the time of booking
• If the seats are available
• If SARL CVT has confirmed the availability of the seats

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to secure him/her in his seat or booster and to ensure that s/he is safely placed. 

For seats or boosters provided by SARL CVT, the staff may seat and secure the child. 

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian of the child to ensure that s/he is safely placed. 

In the event that the parent or guardian is not satisfied with the safety seat, they can refuse to travel with SARL CVT. 

SARL CVT will therefore refund the price of the seats, up to the child’s place and that of his/her parent or guardian. 

The Client and/or passenger will be responsible for reorganising his/her own means of transport. 

No other compensation will be due. 

Children less than 12 years old are not allowed to travel in the front of SARL CVT vehicles. 

Children less than 16 years old are not allowed to travel along without a parent or guardian. 

Children between 16 and 18 years are responsible for securing their own seatbelts. 

Parents or guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children on board SARL CVT vehicles and will be held responsible for any damages caused in any way by said children, in accordance with article 1384 of the Civil Code (code civile).


It is compulsory to wear a seatbelt. Any passenger who refuses to conform to this rule will be denied transport by SARL CVT, with no refund or compensation due. 


SARL CVT does not transport animals, even pets.

Airport Delays

Clients are asked to keep SARL CVT informed of any incidence of lost luggage causing delays for the client at the airport.

It is the responsibility of the airline and or handling agent of the airline to deliver any lost luggage to the passenger.

In the event of a significant delay caused by lost luggage, SARL CVT may cancel the original airport transfer booking and reschedule a new transfer to cater for the 'newly' scheduled arrival time caused by the delay in waiting for lost luggage. In this case, passengers will be charged for the additional new transfer, and no monies will be refunded for the cancelled transfer.

Clients are free to refuse the newly scheduled transfer and organise an alternative transfer themselves.

Clients are asked to keep SARL CVT informed about all possible delays and changes to their scheduled flight(s).

Where the client’s flight has been cancelled, delayed, diverted or missed and the client will not arrive in time for the transfer as originally booked with SARL CVT, officially the transfer has been missed, and no refund will be provided.

SARL CVT will however make every effort to accommodate such clients where possible on the next available transfer, although the client may be required to wait for this service.

In the case where SARL CVT is unable to accommodate the new arrival time following a flight delay, cancellation, or missed flight the client will be required to make alternative arrangements and no refund will be provided for the original transfer booking. Clients are advised to check the terms of their travel insurance.

Where a "Private or VIP transfer" has been booked and the flight is delayed up to 60 minutes from the flight’s scheduled arrival, the client will not be charged any waiting charges. If CVT can accommodate waiting for the flight arrival, the client will be liable for a waiting charge of 50€ for each additional hour or part thereof. This charge must be settled prior to the vehicle’s departure.

Upon request, SARL CVT will provide the client with a statement of waiting charges for the client’s insurer.

Clients are advised the check the terms of their travel insurance.

Departures from resort

Passengers must be ready and waiting for the SARL CVT vehicle at the specified time of pickup, at the pickup point specified in the confirmation email or text message. 

The passenger must be watchful for the arrival of the SARL CVT vehicle and may him/herself visible to the driver. 

SARL CVT has a 30 minute time slot after the pickup time, to come and collect the passenger/s. 

If at the pickup time and during the 30 following minutes, the passenger is not ready and waiting for the vehicle at the agreed pickup point, or does not make him/herself visible to the driver, the booking will be automatically cancelled. 

The passenger will not be entitled to any refund or compensation. 

S/he is responsible for organising his/her own transport. 
If the passenger wishes to take advantage of a new transfer with SARL CVT, s/he will have to make a new booking and pay for it. 

Once the period of 30 minutes has expired, if the passenger is still waiting for the SARL CVT vehicle, s/he should call the number indicated on the receipt. Any useful information will then be provided by SARL CVT. 

SARL CVT strives to meet the schedules times. 

However, for circumstances beyond its control, including weather conditions or traffic, SARL CVT may be forced to change the schedule. 

SARL CVT therefore undertakes to inform the passengers within a reasonable time. 

Passengers must ensure that they have provided SARL CVT with a telephone number at which they can be reached for the duration of their stay. 

If SARL CVT cannot reach the passengers, SARL CVT will not be held responsible for any delays caused. 


Each booking is nominative and therefore not transferable. 

For groups, the booking is made in the name of one person, acting on behalf of all members of the group. 

SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers’s obligations

SARL CVT will make every effort to ensure that the vehicles leave at the scheduled time (subject to the 30-minute period mentioned in the previous paragraph) and that they reach their destination at the scheduled time. 

SARL CVT cannot be held responsible in any way for delays due to events beyond its control and equivalent to force majeure. 

The below is a non-exhaustive list of events which may be considered as cases of force majeure:

Vehicle breakdowns, given that SARL CVT’s vehicles always have their servicing up-to-date but cannot be guaranteed to be free from mechanical damage. 
Exceptional or severe weather conditions – snow storms, avalanches
Natural disasters
Accidents on public roads, causing delays
Traffic jams or dense traffic
The vehicle being delays or stopped by police or an agent of the state, etc.

In the context of such events, no refund or compensation will be due by SARL CVT.

In the event that an alternative route could be taken to reach the destination, passengers will then be offered the following options: continue the journey with SARL CVT and assume any additional costs that may be charged to them or cancel their trip (see the section on cancellations). 

Changes to the contract terms

SARL CVT reserves the right to unilaterally change these Terms and Conditions. The new conditions will apply to all purchases made after they come into force and only the new version will prevail between the parties. 

Data protection

SARL CVT works with other partners, agents and operators. 

By using the services of SARL CVT, the Client expressly authorises the disclosure of his/her personal data, including contact details, to the partners, agents and operators of SARL CVT. 

The information provided to such third parties will only by used by the partners, agents and operators for the purposes for which it has been communicated.  

SARL CVT undertakes to protect such data under the conditions set out under “Security – Confidentiality” of this website.

Third parties and agents

CVT SARL reserves the right to make use of third-party companies or agents for subcontract transfers.

In this case, no additional cost will be applied to the Customer / Passenger.

SARL CVT will ensure that the contractor is properly insured.

The terms and conditions of the subcontractor will apply.


Any complaints must be made within thirty days from the date of transport by email to info@cvt.ski. Complaints may only be considered when this procedure has been followed. 

SARL CVT will endeavour to respond within thirty days.

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law. Any dispute relating thereto shall be brought before the relevant French courts.

SARL Chamonix Valley Transfers Terms and Conditions updated 16th January 2015

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